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Our activities cover a wide and uniquerange of motorized & non-motorized water sports and specialize in Hydro Sports activities which are the new water sports generation ,We also offer Flyboard Day light & Night shows inside and out side UAE.
Following a high standard of safety operations. Along with top notch equipment and instructors  over the years it has grown 
We are more than a standard water sports center Hydro Water Sports is also training center approved from the International Water Sports Federation to certify up to WS Instructor level  

About Hydro

Hydro Water Sports is a member of Viva Dubai in UAE and has expanded its activities to multiple locations with plans to extend its business activities internationally, Our water sports centers are located at the most beautiful spots in UAE


  1. Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah – Dubai
  2. Dukes the palm, Royal Hideaway Hotel – Dubai
  3. Royal Central the palm – Dubai
  4. C- Central Resort the palm – Dubai
  5. Andaz Dubai The Palm

With plans to extend its business activities internationally to neighboring countries.

our Activities

  • Our activities Offering a wide range of water sports motorized & non-motorized activities, and specialize in the new generation of water sports 
    Offering water sports training sessions up to instructor level approved from the international water sports federation 
    Offering a daylight & night water sports stunt shows as Our shows are adding something spectacular at any event

Shows & Events

Since 2015 Hydro Water Sports has become the first company in Dubai to perform Hydro Sports Day Light & Night Shows, featuring an array of LED lights and amazing tricks alongside leading event companies, yacht parties, night clubs and a range of luxury hotels; as well as wowing the crowds with its Flyboard Night Show live performances at Dubai International Boat Shows 2015,2016 & 2017 Abu Dhabi International Boat Show & Formula 1 Abu Dhabi


An unforgettable experience begins with remarkable employees!
Our certified instructors are professional Water Sports instructors and have over 1000 hours of experience. They are always excited and prepared to teach participants of all levels.
We are staffed by young and adventurous people from a variety of backgrounds and countries. We are unified under one passion: to provide quality service throughout our complete range of activities. Strap on your life jacket, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!


As a result of our high safety standards and best practices

Hydro Water sports & Viva blue has been trusted by high level clientele and businesses.

In our 4 years of operations, our team has achieved a perfect safety record. This has been achieved by assuring to offer state of the art safety equipment and meeting maximum safety standard requirements.

All the instructors are qualified certified instructors, with approvals from the Dubai Maritime City Authority.
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