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The Flyride is a 2-seater device that looks like the shell of a small quad bike.

It’s the  first self-balancing tech device , suitable to be used by anybody above 12 years old

It is an easy pretty crazy ride. In Advanced mode, you can spin the thing twice – and that’ll really mess your hair up.

Bump your adrenaline with a flying experience with the new water Flyride a new water sports device 2018, which is just like riding a bicycle.

The Flyride sessions for beginners last for 30 mins, and you’ll have 10 minutes of instructions provided by a professional instructor to ensure that you enjoy your experience and fly safely. Your instructor will assist you and manage the power according to your skill level.

Once you’re comfortable on the device, the instructor will help you to start learning new tricks such as making waves , side flip . You will also have the choice of taking beautiful photos with the charming JBR beach background.


– Listen and follow the instructions of the Hydro Sports instructor at all times

– Participants aged between 12 and 16 years old must have  the waiver signed by a parent or guardian

– Be prepared for thrill and excitement

Participants must know Basic swimming



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