Leave the sand behind and enjoy a Tubes ride

Banana boat, Donut Rides, Flyfish

Banana Boats

Banana Boat

The main attraction is the banana ride, a giant inflatable banana that can seat up to 8 people, and is guaranteed to have everyone giggling at the end of the ride! we will keep you entertained every afternoon of your holiday!

199 AED

AED 149

15 min


dukes the palm a royal hideaway hotel


Donut Ride

Donut Ride usually takes place on a large body of water.Hold on tight as you’re pulled on a donut tube trying your best not to let go! In for fun but not fast-paced? Donut riders are in control of the speed. Choose to take a leisurely spin on smooth water

Come to the beach for an intoxicating Donut Experiece Ride
Don’t forget we have our GoPro. we will gonna record your great and adventure moments.

AED 199

AED 149

15 min



This is a unique challenge that gets your adrenaline shooting to its highest peak.If you really are an “extreme person” and you like to take risks, you should definitely try a “Fly Fish” experience… Its name alerts you for the total speed experience

AED 249

AED 199

15 min

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